Yes! ReVolt buys used batteries!

But we do have limits, based on our space available and processing backlog.

AS OF 06/01/2022:

Several factors control our pricing the largest of which is the price of Lead. Lead has been steadily falling in price since the last Lead smelter was shut down.  Nonetheless, when it comes to car and truck batteries, Revolt can usually pay the most because was do our own recycling for a majority of our batteries. Most places that pay by the pound for your batteries will often be $1 or $2 under what Revolt pays for the battery.

ReVolt will pay between $5 to $12 each typically, for a used truck or car battery, dead or alive. To get $8 or more each, the battery must be newer than 3 years, and meet other criteria for our recycling which we determine when we inspect the batteries.

For full price, batteries must be:

  • Car, Truck, Marine/RV deep-cycle, golf cart type lead-acid battery types.
  • Not cracked, leaking, or having any holes.
  • Not completely dried out, has all the battery filler caps.
  • We may offer a lower scrap price for batteries which do not meet these criteria. Six (6) or more batteries at one time may require a valid ID.

If you have any questions, please call us before arrival: 775-525-3003

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