Yes! ReVolt buys used batteries!

But we do have limits, based on our space available and processing backlog.

AS OF 04/15/2020:

For a limited time, ReVolt will pay between $8 (minimum) to $12 (maximum) for each used truck or car battery, dead or alive. To get more than $8 each, the battery must be newer than 3-years, and meet other criteria which we determine when we inspect the batteries.

For full price, batteries must be:

  • Car, Truck, Marine/RV deep-cycle, golf cart type lead-acid battery types.
  • Not cracked, leaking, or having any holes.
  • Not completely dried out, has all the battery filler caps.
  • We may offer a lower scrap price for batteries which do not meet these criteria. Six (6) or more batteries at one time may require a valid ID.

If you have any questions, please call us before arrival: 775-525-3003

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