Warnings and Disclaimers


  1. Your batteries may contain SULFURIC ACID that is biologically harmful or your property. DO NOT POSITION THE BATTERY in any other position than the right-side-up position, or as recommended by the original manufacturer. If your battery is leaking, AVOID CONTACT with the battery if without the appropriate protective gear (goggles, gloves, etcs.) Always rinse immediately with water, if practical and consult poison control and hazardous materials agencies otherwise.   
  2. OBSERVE BATTERY POLARITY! Incorrect connection could seriously damage your vehicle’s electrical system, cause a fire and potentially harm you! Your battery has designators of “+” or “POS” to indicate the positive terminal, “-” or “NEG” to indicate the negative terminal.  Usually + or POS will connect to your red wire or connector with similar markings or a red color. The – or Neg will connect to your black wire or connector with similar markings or a black color. The black (negative) connection to your vehicle should also be in solid electrical contact with the chassis of your vehicle.
  3. AVOID SHORT CIRCUIT! Do not let your conductive (metal) tools make contact between the battery terminals (+ and -), or between Positive (+) terminal of the battery and car body or parts. Serious, harm, fire or electrical damage to your vehicle could occur otherwise. A recommended order to assist in safety for removing the battery is to remove the negative connection to the battery first then remove the positive. When installing a battery, connect the positive first, and the negative


Unless noted on the item specifically, you have 5 days from the date of purchase to return your item in original purchase condition, along with your receipt for a refund or store credit consideration.


Revolt Battery Exchange Disclaimer and Acceptance Policy:

  1. Other than for the replacement of the battery itself or equal value, Revolt Battery Exchange (dba ZTech4, LLC), its owners, employees and all other agents (collective party herein referred to as RBE), will not be responsible for any damages, harm, or troubles resulting or assumed to be the result of the installation or use of our batteries, regardless of the method and means. You do so at your own risk.
  2. All advice, information, recommendations, warnings, presentations, media and informational materials, etc. offered by RBE should be considered unqualified, apply any such provided information at your own risk and seek a second opinion.
  3. All materials, tools, areas or other resources offered by Revolt Battery Exchange should be considered unfit for your use without your own inspection and complete acceptance of the all the consequences and risks of applying or using such offered.
  4. If you do not accept and agree with this policy, return your products immediately before installing them, doing otherwise is the acknowledgement of your acceptance of these terms and policies.