How do we recover dead batteries?

Good question.  I’m sure you’ve seen lots of tricks on the internet.  Epson salt, aspirin, jumping the battery, using baking soda??, rinsing out the acid and replacing with fresh acid, cutting open the batteries and re-welding in plates, using various battery chargers, etc.

If we could find something better than what we currently use we would! Because the faster we can recover dead batteries and sell them, the better it makes our business.  But alas, we’ve not found anything even close to the effectiveness of what we use. So it is the best solution we know of at this time.

We also happen to be in a retail zoned area so anything industrial or hazardous wouldn’t be permitted here. If the battery has caps, we will top it off with distilled water. But after that, we hook them up to our machines and they do all the work electrically. We don’t cut open the batteries or add chemicals or rinse or any such thing.

“Really, some magic machine does this???” – yes. But of course, it’s not magic. It was developed over the course of many years by reviving almost 10,000 car and truck batteries.

We have many commercial grade ReVolt battery machines that work on the dead or weak batteries that our customers bring us and simply tell us when the batteries are ready to test or if the battery cannot be fixed.  If the batteries pass our tests then the batteries are graded and sold. Typically they can repair 65 to 80 percent of the batteries we feed them. For more information check here: